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WORMS Rides, 2008

Patriot H-D Bike Skills Demonstration on April 9th, 2008

Jim and Allen worked hard all day (So what else is new?) and they just needed a break from the daily routine. So the boys headed over to Patriot Harley-Davidson in Fairfax to watch the Fairfax Police Department perform a demonstration on braking skills and how to pick up your bike should it fall over. The first braking skills test was intended to show us how just using a rear brake can result in very long stopping distances - the Policeman almost ran into another rider that was entering the parking lot! His next pass was much shorter, thank you very much. Kids - don't try this at home. Anyway, we all gasped when the Policeman laid his bike over on it's side. He recommended that you extend the kickstand before trying to lift the bike bakc up - unless you would like to see it fall over on the other side for a set of matching scratches.

Allen Buys His 50th Birthday Chopper Only 9 Months Early on April 6th, 2008

Hey, did Allen turn 50 already? Nope. Wasn't he getting a chopper for his 50th birthday? Yep. Why can't he wait for his birthday? (long pause).....well, it's like this. You start looking early so you have a good chance to see what's available. You get smarter, you look some more and suddenly you see the bike you want. Simple as that. Allen had to have this bike. He couldn't wait until the end of 2008 to make his decision. No way. This was the bike and everyone knew it. Even Ricky, the current...er...previous owner of the 2004 Pitbull, knew Allen had that funny look on his face when he and Allen met at the Waugh H-D St. Patrick's Day event last month (March - see below). It was the look of someone obsessed with a need. A burning need to get his hands on a chopper!

So here it is, only the 6th of April. Allen has ridden several American Ironhorse Texas Chopper bikes and none of those felt right. Allen rode the 2004 Pitbull bike (purple with flames) and he was in heaven. It's a wonderful bike. It looks hot - no pun intended. Other bikes just don't bring as much joy to Allen's heart as the Pitbull. And so it has been done. The deposit is made, negotiations settled ($27.5K for the bike), and in a few weeks this deal will be history.

But what about the other bikes? How could Allen make a decision after riding a few choppers in about 2 weeks? Well, you don't get to ride all the choppers you see. In fact, you are lucky to be able to ride any of them. Ricky was willing to let Allen ride the bike and that might be a factor that pushed Allen over the edge. The other bikes are shown below, after a set of pictures of the 2004 Pitbull. We have some pictures of the 2004/05 Orange Custom Bike, a 2002 Covington Green Limo bike - it was even reviewed in a magazine back in 2002, and a few American Ironhorse Texas Choppers (2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006). Enjoy the pictures, fantasize about riding one yourself, and prepare for a fun-filled 2008 riding season!

Waugh Harley-Davidson St. Patrick's Day Celebration on March 15th, 2008

How many WORMS got out of bed on Saturday morning and were ready to ride on the 15th? Just one. The rest of the group were committed to doing house chores or their taxes. Oh the irony. It was a beautiful day and with the temperature heading towards 60F in the afternoon who could resist? Apparently everyone except for Allen. Well, Allen rode down to Waugh H-D by himself and had a great time checking out the bikes and registering to win a new Sportster. His name wasn't called at the 12:30PM drawing so he headed back home on the back roads and had a great ride. Oh, about those chores at home. He still found time to wash and wax Sandra's new Smart Car and cook dinner on the barbecue. It seems there is time for riding our bikes on Saturday's after all...

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